How to Order Your CEGRIT Flyash Samplers

The CEGRIT is available from Mission Instruments with basic set plus the standard probe length of length 2 meters (6’ 7”), one inlet nozzle, high temperature cyclone, and three sample jars, for a low price that depends on whether the flue gas temperature is more than, or less than, 450°F. When the temperature is below 450°F a heater is included to prevent condensation in the sample cyclone.


We supply Cegrit flyash samplers worldwide. They are normally available from stock and can be shipped within a few weeks after clearance of your payment. The price of a Cegrit sampler with 2-meter probe and cyclone heater is US $5455,.00 FOB our warehouse in Andover, New Jersey USA 07821. If the flue gas temperature exceeds 450 degrees F (230 degrees Celsius), usually upstream of the air preheater, the cyclone heater is not needed and the total price is US $4,855.00. If a probe length other than 2 meters is required (3 meters or less), see CEGRIT parts, but note that the air freight cost can increase sharply for such a long parcel. The 2-meter probe is the most popular length.

Weights and dimensions. For overseas shipments of a single (1) Cegrit sampler, packed weights and dimensions in INCHES and POUNDS are:

14 x 10 x 5 inches, 3 lb (inlet nozzle and heater)
24 x 19 x 2 inches, 21 lb (basic set)
85 x 9 x 2 inches, 10 lb (2-meter probe)

In CM and KG the packed weights and dimensions are

36 x 25 x 13 cm, 1.4 kg
61 x 48 x 5 cm, 9.5 kg
216 x 23 x 5 cm, 4.5 kg

Each additional basic set adds another box, but additional inlet nozzle, heater, and probes would not need more boxes but would just go in larger boxes.

Additional glass sample jars and jar lids are available. For utility boiler flue gas temperatures higher than 450°F, a heater is usually unnecessary and is not included. Non-standard probe lengths of up to 9’ 10” can be substituted for a small added charge per CEGRIT sampler.


Shipping weight is approximately 30 pounds per sampler. The prices quoted FOB Andover, NJ 07821 USA are firm for 60 days, and terms are net 30 days. Please make out your purchase order to:


Mission Instruments

26705 Loma Verde, Mission Viejo, California 92691-6055 USA


Please include the following information with your order:


Probe length desired (if other than the standard), measured from planned mounting flange to flyash sampling point. Note that there’s an added charge for lengths other than the standard length of 2 meters (6’ 7”). Should you decide to reduce probe length, you can easily cut the probe (drill four holes) on-site.


Approximate flue gas velocity or Pitot differential pressure and corresponding temperature at the sampling point, at maximum load. We use this information to select the correct inlet nozzle size (there are four sizes) for your application. You can then use the CEGRIT’s cyclone pressure taps and adjustable ejector nozzle to set the proper isokinetic sampling rate corresponding to Pitot differential pressure at your sampling point.


If the velocity isn’t available when you order, we can estimate it for you from the duct area, temperature, and gross megawatt rating. Should the information you supply us turn out to be inaccurate, you can purchase the correct size nozzle if your original nozzle has already been used, or exchange it at no charge if it hasn’t been exposed to the flue gas. If no information on velocity is supplied, we’ll send you the most common nozzle size (1/2”).


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