Floor Slip Resistance Testing Services and Anti-Slip Floor Products


Floor slip resistance test instruments and floor slip resistance testing are handled by Safety Direct America, a partner of Mission Instruments. They also supply anti-slip floor treatment services, do-it-yourself paint-on anti-slip abrasive floor coatings, anti-slip tapes and glow in the dark tapes that help prevent slips and falls.

SparkleTuff™️ Anti-Slip Floor Coating is a super durable, glossy, very anti-slip floor coating, available only from Safety Direct America. It's a revolution in glossy anti-slip floor coatings. Looks great -- no slips! Click on the photo for more information.



Safety Direct America can apply their SparkleTuff™️ Anti-Slip Floor Coating or their Non-Slip 21 chemical treatment process to make your floor anti-slip, they can run slip resistance testing on your floor or tiles you are thinking about using in your project, or sell you your own tribometer to measure your floor's slip resistance. They sell the BOT-3000E, Tortus III, Pendulum and SlipAlert to help you determine your slip risk on a regular basis. Although they don't recommend the use of ASTM C1028-07 for assessing pedestrian slip risk, they also will perform that test upon request. They are certified by the City of Los Angeles for floor slip resistance testing, and reports are provided signed and stamped by a professional engineer. Don't wait until it's too late to make your floor anti-slip. The cost of the lawsuit after a slip and fall on your property will most likely greatly outweigh the cost of testing the anti-slip properties of your floors and the remediation of any problems you may have. Go to SafetyDirectAmerica.com now for more infomation on their products and services.


Floor slip test We specialize in floor slip resistance testing at Safety Direct America. We can help you avoid slip and fall accidents on your property, or avoid creating slippery hazards on a property under construction. Click on the photo above for more information!



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