CEGRIT Detail Photos

Cegrit flyash sampler basic set Cegrit "basic set" (without probe, inlet nozzle, and cyclone heater) including nisil-plated cyclone (left). Tapered "horn" at top right creates ejector effect that pulls flue gas and flyash through the sampling system.
Cegrit flyash sampling jar Basic set oriented as seen from inside of flue gas duct. Jar collects ash sample for laboratory analysis.
Cegrit flyash sampler from outside duct Basic set oriented as seen from outside of duct. Adjustable brass ejector nozzle is at left.
Cegrit flyash sampler cyclone heater jacket Cegrit cyclone heater jacket (brown) and insulating jacket shown below basic set. The heater is needed if Cegrit is sampling low-temperature flue gases (cold side of the air preheater).
Cegrit flyash sampler ejector nozzle Close-up of heater electrical connector, showing protective cap (center, in background) for use when heater is not needed. Brass ejector nozzle is at left.
Cegrit flyash sampler pipe assembly Pipe assemblies: air assist (left) and standard

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