CEGRIT Flyash Samplers

We supply CEGRIT Flyash Samplers worldwide. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Paypal for orders within the USA, and wire transfer for all customers. Phone or email your order now to John Sotter at 1(949)933-6971 or john@safetydirectamerica.com. Here's more information on the Cegrit.


Our partner, Safety Direct America, offers slip resistance test instruments, anti-slip tapes, glow in the dark egress tapes, Do-It-Yourself abrasive anti-slip floor coatings, anti-slip floor treatments, non-skid bath treatments, and floor slip resistance testing services that help prevent slips and falls.

Cegrit flyash sampler The CEGRIT sampler collects flyash samples that are constantly available for visual inspection by operating personnel and for laboratory analysis.


Your CEGRIT flyash samplers can help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Reduce CCR's by producing high-quality flyash for sale
  • Optimize combustion for minimum NOx emissions
  • Save fuel by minimizing excess air while controlling carbon losses
  • Minimize labor involved in routinely sampling flyash
  • Avoid sample bias and time lag involved in hopper or ash-line sampling

We also have parts and installation instructions for the Cegrit Flyash Sampler.

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